The SimplyChecks Advantage

SimplyChecks offers merchants the benefits of electronic payment acceptance without the restrictions of traditional ACH (Automated Clearing House) processing or bankcard merchant accounts.  Regardless of size, sales volume, or industry type, SimplyChecks enables virtually any US-based business to accept online payments.

Our innovative payment solution allows businesses and other organizations to accept online payments through any internet enabled device or to collect payments via phone. SimplyChecks easily integrates into your existing website, and can also function as a stand-alone secure payment portal.  The time spent on payment processing is greatly reduced through the use of multiple functions and features, including;

  • Recurring Payments – Automatically collect from customers you bill on a regular basis.
  • Batch Uploading – Submit payments in batch files for quick and convenient processing
  • Secure Payment Pages – Easily collect one-time or recurring payments from customers online.
  • Mobile Capture – Allow customers to pay by snapping a picture with their phone or other mobile
  • Detailed Reporting – Quickly reconcile all your payment activity with one easy-to-understand statement.

Providing a powerfully simple alternative to traditional merchant services with lower processing costs than credit and debit cards.

Your virtual checks go directly into your business bank account

As a busy business owner, you will never physically handle (see, touch or deposit) a single check*

You receive access to a secure, full featured virtual terminal system to process checks manually

Through the use of an intuitive online portal and secure customer-facing payment pages,