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High-Risk Business Reputation Management

5 Ways High-Risk Businesses Are Using Reputation Management Software

For better or worse, reputation can make or break a small business. The general discourse surrounding your product or service does a lot to determine whether new customers will trust you enough to make a purchase, or whether they’ll consider your business in the first place. That’s why it’s important to aggressively manage your reputation. While word of mouth is difficult to control, one area where you can have a bit more influence in shaping your business’ status is online, in reviews, comments, and other search results that people might come across when considering buying your product or service. These bits of information, whether they are long, detailed accounts or simply star ratings, influence people’s buying decisions a great deal more than you might think-and people typically respond to the first ones they see. This is why many small businesses are investing in reputation management software to help keep their names untarnished and their reviews positive. Here are five ways small businesses are using these tools to improve their image and boost their profits.

Checking for Mentions

Googling yourself is a great way to start examining your reputation, but once you’ve got an idea of what your online presence looks like, you should keep up with it in real time. Google Alerts is a free way to get notified any time your business is mentioned in a publication, and you can also set Alerts for particular phrases related to your business or target market as well. Another tip: set up Alerts for the names of your competitors, so you can track their reputation as well, and target media outlets that they’re featured in.

Watching the Comments

The comments section on your blog or website is one place your company’s die-hard fans or haters will come together, and it’s also a place where customers will reach out to you with questions or thoughts. Although most blogging platforms automatically notify you of comments on blogs you’ve posted, you can use services like Netmark to stay better connected with commenters so that you can respond to their concerns, and to promote positive comments to bury negative ones.

Monitoring Social Media

With so many different social media platforms now, it can be difficult to keep an eye on the various things people are publicly sharing about your product. But it’s important to maintain a connection with your fans (and detractors) if you want your reputation not to disintegrate, thanks to one negative viral post. This means being positioned to quickly respond to interactions with customers. Luckily, software can help you keep an eye on things. Gadook is one inexpensive reputation management service that includes social media monitoring, notifying you whenever your product is mentioned across multiple platforms and allowing you to respond quickly.

Challenging Content

Sometimes you may have to contend with false and defamatory information online, whether put out by a competitor or a disgruntled customer. Mention-monitoring software can help you quickly learn about this information, and services like Igniyte go the extra step, promising to help you challenge and ultimately remove negative and false content from Google through their partnerships with legal teams.

Positive Branding

Sometimes companies don’t worry about reputation management until the damage is already done. When your reputation is less-than-stellar, sometimes the best way to improve it is to start filling the web with positive messages about your brand. is one service whose software can help you launch up to 50 positive branding sites at once, while also allowing you to remotely post social media and WordPress content. Counteracting the negative with the positive is a key element of reputation management, and software like this makes it a snap.

What’s Working For You

We welcome your comments about what strategies or tools for reputation management have worked in your business. Please comment below.